‘Every state is a border state’: Glenn Youngkin sounds alarm on ending Title 42

FILE – Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin speaks with reporters after touring a Loudoun County elections facility at the County Office of Elections in Leesburg, Va., Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022. Youngkin called Monday, Oct. 3, 2022, for expanding nuclear power generation in Virginia, reevaluating a recent clean energy law celebrated by environmentalists, and restoring greater authority to state regulators who oversee the state’s powerful utilities. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File) Cliff Owen/AP

‘Every state is a border state’: Glenn Youngkin sounds alarm on ending Title 42

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Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) issued a dire warning on the ramifications of Title 42 being lifted as it had been poised to be later this week prior to a Supreme Court intervention Monday.

Maintaining that “every state is a border state,” Youngkin echoed Republican warnings that an impending emergency is looming if Title 42 goes away, citing the prospect of millions of immigrants pouring into the country.


“It’s beyond belief that we’re having to appeal to our Supreme Court to do something that the Biden administration should have already done or we should get Congress to do,” Youngkin said on Fox News on Monday. “[If] Title 42 goes away, they’re expecting there to be 5 million people a year to come across the border in 20 months. That’s an entire state of Virginia coming across the border. It’s unbelievable.”

Title 42 was deployed under the Trump administration and uses pandemic powers to deny immigrants entry at the border to curb the spread of COVID-19. Initially, restrictions from the policy were expected to be lifted Wednesday, meaning the Border Patrol would likely lose its ability to rapidly expel hundreds of thousands of immigrants without hearing an asylum request.

That’s because a federal judge appointed by former President Bill Clinton blocked the United States last month from continuing to use the policy to expel immigrants outside the ordinary process of allowing hearings for asylum requests. A federal appeals court later gave the Biden administration the go-ahead to scrap the policy by Wednesday.

Then on Monday, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily pumped the brakes on lifting Title 42 immigration restrictions, pending a high court review of a Republican-backed challenge to the ruling.

“We had a record number of overdoses in Virginia, and 76% of them come from fentanyl. And we know where the fentanyl comes from. It’s time to act,” Youngkin continued. “Every state is a border state, and that’s why you’ll see governors, Republican governors, standing up together in order to try to pressure Washington to cleave secure border.”


Near the end of the interview, Youngkin sidestepped a question about whether he would run for president in 2024 as he continues to grow his national political portfolio.

“I’m always so humbled on this topic,” the governor said. “2024 is a long way away. We’ll see what happens between here and there.”

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